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BELGIUM - New range Trovet Unique Protein

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Trovet Unique Protein range for dogs and cats (elimination diets with only 1 protein source) is getting a new look.
The aluminum cups (100g and 300g) and sausages (800g) are being replaced by cans of 200g, 400g and 800g. The shelf life of cans is much longer and the risk of damage is smaller.

There are now 5 variants:
lamb, rabbit, deer, horse, turkey
  1. UPL
    lamb (lamb)
  2. UPR
    rabbit (rabbit)
  3. UPV
    deer (venison)
  4. UPH
    horse (horse)
  5. UPT
    turkey (turkey)
Interested? Then read on.

Trovet Unique Protein

This food line has been specially developed as an elimination diet to replace cooking yourself.
The aim of an elimination diet is to determine which protein source is well tolerated. For this, one should only feed 1 source of protein for 6 to 8 weeks, supplemented with carbohydrates. To be repeated with another protein source if no improvement occurs.

Trovet Unique Protein is a very tasty wet food consisting of cooked pure meat from one animal species, supplemented with olive and sunflower oil. Unique Protein is guaranteed free of added carbohydrates, antioxidants, colors, flavors and preservatives
Note: with the UPs, the carbohydrate source must still be added: such as rice, potatoes, quinoa.


• Type of meat not always available
• Unpleasant odor when cooking
• Time-consuming
• Retention Issues

• Ready-to-eat pure meat
• No unpleasant odor
• Pre-cooked
• Long shelf life in cans
• Tasty
If the protein source that causes the hypersensitivity has been found, you can continue feeding with Trovet UP + carbohydrates + Trovet Balance (VMS) for life or gradually switch to a complete hypoallergenic variant with the protein source that does not cause any problems.

Trovet Balance (VMS) is the ideal supplement for self-prepared and inadequate nutrition.
Balance contains the necessary vitamins, minerals and taurine and can be given both temporarily (during elimination phase) and lifelong (as a supplement to self-prepared food).
Balance is hypoallergenic, has a neutral taste and is easy to dose.

These new Trovet items can be purchased from Inovet or from your wholesaler.