GHANA - Boosting agricultural development : Empowering farmers in Ghana

Thursday, June 29, 2023

We are extremely glad to have participated in an extraordinary 3-month intensive training program for poultry farmers, prospective farmers and farmhands, organized by our esteemed Ghanaian partner Frankatson Ltd. 
This remarkable initiative provides a golden opportunity to acquire essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage and enhance farm performance. 
Area Manager Véronique Aben contributed two valuable themes that are of great significance to all farmers : handling heat stress and controlling coccidiosis.    
“The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by the public to learn is truly inspiring; it is an absolute delight to witness such a high level of engagement and motivation from individuals who are passionate about poultry farming" says Véronique.  
It is through collective efforts and knowledge sharing that we can uplift the agricultural sector. Together, let us cultivate a world where sustainable farming practices thrive and where every farmer has the tools and the knowledge necessary to succeed.   
A big thanks to Frankatson for this wonderful initiative!