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GLOBAL - Inovet Indochine, our new Asian Headquarter

Thursday, October 21, 2021

In May we founded a new branch, Inovet Indochine, in Vietnam with the goal to centralize our registrations, submit new registrations and conduct detailed market studies.
During the past 4 to 5 months we discovered that the livestock industry of Vietnam is even more important than we thought. To improve the support to our customers, Inovet decided to go the extra mile and explore the possibilities of Vietnam becoming a 4th home market with its own distribution channel.

Our Area Manager Laurenz Mestdagh will relocate


During the coming months, the responsibilities of Inovet Indochine will grow with the goal to start our own distribution channel in Vietnam. To follow up on daily operations, Laurenz will be relocating to Vietnam. Laurenz will be                located in Ho Chi Minh city, which is very convenient for Vietnam but also for all his other partners in Asia.


The team behind Inovet Indochine


With our local office in Vietnam, we will strengthen our position in South-East Asia and improve the support level to our partners and customers. Of course, this is only possible with the help of amazing local team members!


Kien joined our team in June:                
“Hello everyone, I am Nguyen Van Kien, I have been with Inovet Indochine for 3 months, as a Sales Representative in Vietnam. I am delighted to be a member of Inovet family. With my knowledge and experience, I hope to contribute to the success of Inovet Indochine and help Vietnamese farmers access Inovet’s top-quality products. My expertise? I am a qualified veterinarian, with a master’s degree. I have 14 years of experience working in veterinary medicine in Vietnam.”


Tram joined our team in May:                
“Hi Everyone, My name is Bao Tram, and I have been working for Inovet Indochine for almost 4 months. My work so far includes translating and interpretation, regulatory, and a fraction of marketing in Vietnam. I am happy to be working for Inovet Indochine knowing that my work and effort is taking part in bettering Vietnam’s livestock farming industry, which will lead to safer meat production and a healthier population. I went to the National University in English Teaching  and I have experience in English Training, Coordinating marketing in schools, Head of teaching department,  Researching, Translating and Interpretation.”


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