CAMBODIA - How a global export meeting also locally can make a big difference

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

From the bustling Bangkok (Thailand) to the peaceful Kep (Cambodia). 
Friday 15th of March, at 3.00 pm sharp, the entire Inovet export team left VIV Asia 2019 to fly to Phnom Penh. A three hour drive brought them from the capital to Kep, a coastal province in southern Cambodia. This peaceful town was the ground base and official start of our annual Inovet export meeting.

During this two-day event, the area managers reflected on the fast growing Asian markets, presented their sales results, made forecasts for 2019-2020 and brainstormed about future regional events. They also shared and discussed the problems their clients are facing and tried to think of ways on how to help them. In addition, but equally important, they supported the local community, by putting their knowledge to good use and taking responsibility.

Fake news or facts?

During a couple of intense brainstorm sessions the team exchanged problems their clients are facing and came to the conclusion that, unfortunately, there is a lot of fake news circulating on the usage of curative antibiotics. From their various contacts on a global base they learned that more and more people, even veterinarians and farmers, are searching for scientific based facts and educational material, rather than emotionally driven hypes.

We always think on ways to better help and inform our customers, so we thought of different ways on how to bring positive change on this matter. As a specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals, it is our task to share scientific based data with other professionals. By sharing this knowledge with farmers and veterinarians, Inovet contributes to enriching the livestock industry. When discussing about it, it was rather simple. Without curative antibiotics, we wouldn’t be able to feed the world. But always cure with care : “As little as possible, as much as needed.”

How taking responsibility changes lives

The team did not only discuss the positive impact they can bring to many veterinarians and farmers, they also made a world of difference for a local charity project. As a company we really value knowledge and good education. Therefore we chose to support a local school, named “Our School”. This is an independent and community-based school located on the remote village of Chamcar Bei, 17 km from Kep.

The Inovet export team rented motorbikes and went to visit “Our school”. Inovet donated € 2500, which will be particularly used to help the school to give all teachers an additional 20 $ income per month. A bonus needed to keep the teachers motivated. Education is especially important in Cambodia, a country where anyone with an education, a technical training, or a moderate wealth was killed during the Red Khmer genocide (1975 to 1979). This gift is only a small gesture, but it are these small gestures that can be life changing for some people.

Inovet gets under your skin

A few weeks before our visit to Cambodia, we were informed that one of the school children has a severe skin condition. As a company we are authentic and helpful. Therefore, we tried to gather our knowledge and use it for the best. To help the 10 year old kid, Mr. Leo Aerden, our chief scientific officer and industrial pharmacist, searched a solution for the child’s problem. Together with his wife, he prepared a cream in his pharmacy that should quickly improve the kid’s skin condition and relieve the boy’s pain. A big thanks to Leo and his wife, Isabelle, for this nice gesture and making a big difference for a small boy!

We were delighted to have had a busy, but very fruitful, two-day gathering, but most of all, our Inovet heart was warmed by the generosity and gratefulness of the Cambodians!