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GLOBAL - VIV Europe 2022, 36 countries in 3 days

Friday, June 3, 2022

Finally! Seeing back a lot of our clients at VIV Europe in Utrecht, was so heartwarming.
After a turbulent period in which face-to-face meetings were disrupted, everyone was eager to get back together. And so it seemed. For the past three days at VIV Europe we proudly welcomed partners from 3️6 different countries to our booth. A special thanks to VIV worldwide for making this possible.

During these challenging past two years, many of these partners have introduced a range of new Inovet products. So we were curious to find out in person how things are going for them. We were glad to hear that products, such as Tulinovet® 100 mg/mL, Alvebuton® 100 mg/mL and Ubera® Dry have been well accepted. Our new amprolium oral liquid, Surricoxx® 400 mg/mL, definitely seemed to be the talk of the town. Our partners told us that many veterinarians appreciate the SPC.

After a long period of no face-to-face contact, we wanted to seize the opportunity to thank all our partners for their loyalty and dedication. That is why, by the end of the second day, we invited them for a reception followed by a dinner in a nearby restaurant. The food was liked, however, it was Inovet's own Beer – Bovis, a triple for vets - that was appreciated most. We want to thank all partners who made the trip for joining us. It was great to see you again and drink a beer or coffee together.