GLOBAL - VIV Asia 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023

From March 8th to 10th, Inovet traveled with a whole delegation to the largest feed-to-food event in Asia, VIV Asia in Bangkok.
It was a successful edition that we had been looking forward to for a long time. It was a relief to be able to travel again and meet you personally in such large numbers. We welcomed an estimated 20 nationalities. You were clearly delighted to be able to participate in the first major trade show in Asia after the COVID-19 pandemic. Our stand was well-presented and provided enough space to accommodate everyone. We talked a lot about the new structure of Inovet and what the future will bring. You were also curious about the Orion products and wanted to know how you could sell them. Of course, we will keep you informed when the time comes.
This year, not only our sales team traveled to Thailand. The presence of Isabelle De Loore, team lead of the sales administration team, was also highly appreciated by the customers, as it gave our sales support team a face. Isabelle also enjoyed meeting you in person. This makes the collaboration easier and more pleasant. Dr. Xavier Chatenet, from the veterinary service team, was also present day after day to answer technical questions. He fascinated many customers with his expertise and was appreciated for his many years of experience in the sector. He even got a fitting nickname: Mr. Encyclopedia 😊
VIV Asia took place for the first time at a new location, further outside the city. The venue itself is large and well-presented, but transportation there was not yet optimal. Some customers had to wait a long time for public transport, so some even came on foot. Respect Omar! Hopefully this will be better organised by next edition. 
We look back on this successful event with great enthusiasm and hope to see or hear from you again soon.
The Inovet export team