ALGERIA - Inovet accompanies Algerian vets & breeders for 2 days

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Inovet accompanies Algerian vets & breeders for 2 days  

Last week, V.M.D. Algeria welcomed Dr. Xavier Chatenet & Mrs. Véronique Aben from Inovet (V.M.D.). It was 2 intensive days with the first day a visit of a poultry complex (integrator) and a veterinary clinic to have an idea on poultry breeding in Algeria.  It was very enriching for our vets as well as for them with a lot of appreciation especially for the autopsy workshops of Dr. Xavier.  The second day was the seminar day, animated by Dr. Zioud, in front of an audience of over 120 practitioners & wholesalers.  
Dr. Benharkat and Mrs. Veronique gave a brief presentation on the evolution and partnership between V.M.D. Belgium and Gamma Pharm Algeria.
Dr. Xavier in his turn masterly treated all the avian pathology and particularly the respiratory diseases and their treatment by insisting as much as possible on the effectiveness and the quality of the V.M.D. products marketed in Algeria (DOXYVETo-50 S - DOXYVETo-Citrix - Promycine 4800 - AMOXYVETo 50S- HEPATOVETo).
The communication was very much appreciated by the audience and behind the scenes, Dr Xavier was described as an Encyclopaedic in avian pathology! 
Then it was the turn of the expert Mrs Véronique who with her accent and professionalism held the attention of the audience to praise the quality of the raw materials and the quality control of VMD products, parameters which justify our prices. 
After a good lunch, we resumed our communication, this time with a bovine theme: the peri-partum problems and how VMD can accompany during this crucial period. The seminar ended with a very technical training on Tulathromycin, a molecule with great potential. After all, with Tulinovet, Gamma Pharm is the first to introduce a generic on the Algerian market.
Several local media covered the event and the audience was amply satisfied and is already requesting another scientific day as part of V.M.D and Gamma Pharm's plan to support practitioners. 

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