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GENERAL - Inovet introduces Milca4® 4 x 500 ml, a long-acting calcium-based supplementary feed for dairy cows

Friday, April 19, 2019

Another calcium-based product? Yes, but not just any calcium product.
Milca4 has a unique galenic form and action thanks to its 4 sources of calcium:

1+2: Propionate and formate: for rapid recovery from calcium deficiency.

3: Pidolate stimulates the calcium-binding proteins which gives a long-lasting action without the risk of falling back into hypercalcaemia.

4: Alginate is in the form of small balls that pass the rumen and give their energy and calcium in the intestines, prolonging the effect of the calcium.

Around calving, calcium levels drop and about 50% of cows experience subclinical hypocalcaemia with major repercussions for milk production and cow immunity.

A conventional supplement (often propionate and/or formate) causes a rapid but short-lived increase in calcium level. If the increase is too great, a hormonal reaction is triggered (the calcitonin response) to remove calcium through the urine. This can cause hypocalcaemia again.

The characteristics of Milca4:

→ Calcium formate and Propionate are volatile fatty acid salts that are rapidly absorbed.
They are a rapidly available source of calcium to absorb immediate shortages..

→ Calcium pidolate stimulates the production of arginine (which is involved in Ca2+Binding Protein) binding calcium for better absorption and retention.
Urinary losses are limited and calcium is better available over time.

→ Calcium alginate, present in the 'solid' form of the product, must first be mechanically reduced
in the rumen before it can pass into the system. The gradual release into the small intestine is of great importance to supplement calcium deficiencies on a delayed progressive action basis.

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Milca4® 4 x 500 ml is available from your wholesaler or from Inovet.
Milca4® is a product of Inovet and is only available in the veterinary circuit in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.