EGYPT - A platinum partnership, celebrated with an exciting conference

Friday, November 22, 2019

25 years ago, we first set foot in the Egyptian market.
Today, we can really say that we have a solid partnership with Intermedicavet Animal Health (IMV), who got our products to play an important role in the Egyptian animal healthcare industry. The 25th anniversary of our collaboration was a good occasion to honour this alliance with a three-day conference. At the beginning of November, more than 170 Egyptian industry professionals were invited to this seminar in Hurghada, Egypt. IMV chose a unique amphitheatre on the beach as an enchanting setting to inspire, teach and discuss with these professionals. The seminar was not only enriching, but there was also plenty of time to enjoy the boat cruise, the safari excursion and the relaxing amenities of the Albatros Citadel Hotel.

A strong alliance

Dr. Jan Moons (CEO, Inovet), Dr. Geoffrey Ackaert (Product & technical manager, Inovet) and Felix Moons (Export area and marketing manager, Inovet) welcomed the different invited parties in Hurghada together with the entire IMV team.

Dr. Moons highlighted the rich history of the VMD Livestock pharma brand in Egypt. 25 years ago, Inovet and Dr. Ashraf Hassan (Chairman, IMV) started to register the first medicines in Egypt. To celebrate this anniversary, Dr. Ashraf and IMV were honoured with a Platinum Partnership Trophy.

Dr. Bassem Ashraf (CEO, IMV) was also honoured and thanked. During the last years Dr. Bassem took over the daily business of IMV, and he already accomplished a lot. The last two years have been challenging because of huge price increases of some API’s. In these tough periods, it is tempting to compromise on the quality and to go for quick profits. Dr. Moons expressed his gratitude that both Inovet and Intermedicavet think long-term and never want to compromise on the quality of their products and service.

Professor Salah Youssef, who passed away earlier this year, was once more celebrated and remembered. He has been a source of knowledge and guidance for Inovet and Intermedicavet from the beginning. He shared his wisdom on many seminars, helped us with registrations and he was above all a dear friend.

Mycoplasma and its solutions

The technical part was kicked-off by Prof. Mostafa Bastamy who cited different problems of Mycoplasma in Egypt. After this professional explanation, our product manager took the stage and presented the unique characteristics and benefits of Doxyveto-Citrix 500 mg/g, L-Spec and Hepo-Veto.

Doxyveto-Citrix 500 mg/g was recently introduced in Egypt. This product is a perfect answer to the changing water quality in Egypt. The concentration of manganese, magnesium, potassium and iron drastically increase during the autumn and winter period. These higher concentrations negatively impact the solubility of doxycycline, and more importantly the stability of the product. The new formulation will increase solubility in hard water and thus improve the safety and the overall efficacy of the therapeutic treatment.

Did you hear about the love story of spectinomycin and lincomycin? The amazing synergy that occurs when these molecules are combined, truly makes it a product of tomorrow. Large-scale studies show that the use of L-Spec during the first three days in broilers reduces the overall antibiotic usage with 40 %. The most drastic reduction is in enteric and locomotory diseases. This reduction is a clear example of responsible antibiotic usage and has a positive impact on financial performance and reputation of the farm. We are honoured that our stakeholders notice and communicate about the differences of VMPs origin.

Hepo-Veto is paving a way for the top in the Egyptian market. Since its introduction last year, it convinced the early adopters. The pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts are an essential tool for every professional farm. Even in the best-managed farm, the product proofs its capacity to demonstrate positive results on feed efficacy, weight gain and a positive return on investment.


Both Inovet and IMV are very thankful to all our distinguished customers and corporate key clients who were present at the conference. It was a delight to see the interest in the products as it instilled full confidence in the range of products available in Egypt. Our special gratitude goes out to the following esteemed participants who took time from their hectic work schedule to join our conference.

  1. Mostafa Bastamy
  2. Magdy El kady
  3. Hesham Sultan
  4. Hussein aly Hussein
We look forward to further improve animal healthcare in Egypt with the support of our partner IMV.

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